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Robert Bloomfield

Primary - Secondary Consultation

** UPDATE** 17th September 2021 **

A few parents have approached RBA with concerns, suggesting that Central Bedfordshire Council’s two-tier plans are going to be paused.

We understand CBC is currently reviewing its Schools for the Future programme to ensure future demand for school places is still aligned to planned housing growth.

Both RBA and BEST is supportive of the need by CBC to ensure the programme delivers the right outcomes. We understand a new Director of Children Services is coming on board and we look forward to working with them in the coming months.

CBC will provide us with greater clarity on the plans in October. We will, of course, share an update with you in due course.



As you will be aware, the Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) reorganisation process, called Schools for the Future, began back in August 2018.

In August 2020, CBC decided that the Shefford and Stotfold cluster of schools should transition to a two-tier system of education, comprising primary and secondary schools.

BEST supports this transition. We believe a two-tier system will facilitate even better educational provision, enabling all of our students to fulfil their potential. However, for the two-tier system to be successful, CBC must meet five commitments to BEST. To remind you, these were to ensure:

1. Five form primary provision as part of the all-through 0-18 school which is combining Robert Bloomfield and Samuel Whitbread Academies.

2. Provision for pupils from Robert Bloomfield Academy’s traditional feeder schools to gain entry to the secondary school part of the all-though 0-18 school.

3. Campton Academy – the newest member of BEST – becoming a new build two form of entry primary school.

4. Additional sixth form provision on the Samuel Whitbread and Etonbury/Pix Brook sites.

5. Developing a joint solution to all PFI-related issues on the Samuel Whitbread site.


We share your determination to create the best schools possible. These are exciting times, so please get involved, give us your support and tell us what you think by emailing

We welcome your views, they matter to us and we will always get back to you.