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Robert Bloomfield

Help with Tec!!

Moving to an online school in March of 2020 taught us all a few things about the need to be up to speed with how to use school technology from home.

This page will have specific help sheets and top tips for families who are struggling with the technology we are using.

If you can not remember your password, you can email

This page will update on a regular basis, so keep checking back. If you need anything specific, drop us an email and we will update this page as well if it's a common problem. 


LOG OUT of Google and Log in again...

One of the most common issues families and students found in the summer was not being able to find google classroom.... and it turned out that they were logged into another account, or their own personal google space.

Please always LOG OUT of whoever has last used google and ensure you are logged in using your school account. You will not be able to access your google classroom if you are using a personal account of an account belonging to another person in the family. Seems a simple trip, but a lot of families and students fell into this trap!