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Robert Bloomfield

The Journey back to Full Teaching

The return of students to RBA this term has centred on 4 key areas

1. The safe return to on site education, preparing our leaders, teachers and support staff to deliver full time eduction, retuning fully to our published curriculum model by the Summer Term 2021

2. Supporting learners and staff to  return to RBA, ensuring their mental health and wellbeing were prioritise and a clear plan was put in place to action support as needed.

3. Ensuring alternative sources of education are ready to go as and when is needed, in line with the DfE guidance on Home Learning in the event of a  partial lock down or an individual's need to isolate following PHE guidance. This would include Home Learning, deployment of additional resources and blending classroom teaching with remote access online resources.

4. Continue to provide an outstanding Quality of Eduction which exceeds expectations on health, wellbeing and safeguarding. 


How have we achieved this (or how are we currently achieving this...) 


  • Detailed risk assessments and planning documents created and reviewed with our Trust H+S Teams and all local stakeholders, including our Union Representatives
  • Ensuring a regular scrutiny of the RAs is part of the daily and weekly agenda at RBA, including learning walks, Covid Compliance checklists, See It Fix It mentality, Check and Challenging staff and students on systems and routes and constantly reviewing system to improve and redefine as needed.
  • Clear systems of accountability in place with effective reporting procedures.
  • A safe and appropriate supply of resources to support the daily deep cleaning of the teaching rooms
  • A phased return to full timetable, including form based learning and limited movement initially. 


  • New and Covid bespoke staff and student orientations to RBA life including welcome back videos, assemblies and making full use of directed time and training days.
  • SLT and Extended Leadership attended briefings and planning events in the summer, alongside daily meetings in the first fortnight to constantly review and reflect.
  • Weekly Meetings of leadership to review latest guidance 
  • Scrutiny from BEST Trust Executives 

Supporting Staff 

  • SLT each took small groups of staff to reach out individually for feedback and 'check ins' before school returned and acted as a point of friendly contact once school resumed
  • Union Reps were involved from the start and have held meetings alongside the Leadership briefings where members raised questions and reflected on the RA and systems of support 
  • Staff wellbeing at the heart of the School Development Planning 
  • New staff mentoring, including NQTs focused on pastoral wellbeing priorities 

Supporting Learners to return

  • Individual tutor phone calls or emails before school resumed fully to get to understand the individual lock down journeys each student undertook
  • A bespoke, tutor and wellbeing phased return for all students in the first week back
  • Aspirations and Careers launched in the first week to look beyond Covid and relight the fires for future successes and careers
  • Individual soft skills assessments alongside baseline in core subjects to create an accurate starting point to measure progress impacts.
  • Bespoke intervention plans created to address the missed learning. The phrasing is deliberately light to ensure students are aware that this is not a pressured environment nor indeed an exam factory.  If they are concerned about items of the curriculum they have forgotten or do not understand, our outstanding team of teachers and LSAs will ensure this is addressed, with no added pressure or without causing any form of anxiety.