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Robert Bloomfield


Welcome to our dedicated section on Covid, schooling, home learning links and support for families, students and staff.

This is an ever changing situation and we will react to all Government updates. As such, these pages will change from time to time. We will make sure new information and routines are signposted clearly, to avoid getting lost.

Communicating with us 

We have a dedicated email address for all Covid related updates: 

Please use this address is you are:

  • Updating us on a Covid Test result
  • Updating us if your GP has advised your family to shield
  • Updating us on general wellbeing of your child related to Covid 19

All general enquires and questions should continue to be emailed to


Government Press release

Mass testing for secondary pupils as all schools and colleges fully reopen from 8 March


Attendance will be mandatory, as the government expects all pupils to attend school. The usual rules will apply, meaning we’ll be recording attendance and following up on any absences. 


Although there will need to be some changes to reflect the teaching time that was lost during the lockdown, we will still be doing our best to provide an ambitious, broad curriculum. Our current plan is to resettle students in the first few weeks with a bespoke PSHCE based team-building and careers / aspirations focused work programme. We have entitled this “A Return to Onsite Academics” and further details will be shared nearer the time. We will be assessing our students to identify their starting points and gaps in their knowledge created over lockdown and this will be reported back to families during the ‘meet the tutor sessions’ in November, with an indication on the intervention pathways we will need to follow for each specific child. We must stress at this point, we are not simply planning to test and retest your child over and over again. A broad range of formative and summative assessment will be used whilst we continue to deliver our exciting and sequenced curriculum. A full breakdown on the provision maps can be found on our website in the curriculum sections.

Pastoral support

We are aware that the lockdown has been a difficult time for many of us, including our students. Please let us know if you think your children might need extra support when returning to school, such as if they feel anxious about coming back or they are experiencing bereavement. You can get in touch with your child’s Form Tutor or Head of Year via our school email.

We’re extremely grateful for all the support we’ve received so far from the school community. We’ll continue to keep in touch if there are any updates to our plans or if we need to make changes due to new or updated government advice.