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Robert Bloomfield

Staff CPD - Overview

 CPD is the process of ongoing training and development. It allows individuals, once they have become qualified and they are in their professional environment, to carry on with their learning and improvement which is relevant to their role and which benefits both short-term objectives and long-term career goals.

The main purpose of continuous professional development (CPD) at Robert Bloomfield Academy is to improve standards, upskill staff and ensure individuals have the most up-to-date knowledge and expertise in their field. It is also essential in helping to develop and instil all round confidence in staff and school leaders.

Our mission is to continue to be the very best we can be in a constantly evolving society. 

To ensure that we allow staff to develop to their full potential, to drive whole school improvement, whilst considering workload, the following points should underpin a comprehensive CPD programme at RBA:

  1. Keep teachers consistently informed about whole-school teaching and learning priorities, rather than saving it all for staff training.
  2. Create a voluntary CPD programme, driven by teachers, that caters to the whole-school teaching priorities, but allows them choice in the matter.
  3. Provide opportunities for subject-knowledge enhancement and leadership training, by creating internal programmes and utilising external organisations.