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Robert Bloomfield

Google Classroom

January Update - Please see the attached Google Classroom Overview 


We want all students to receive a full curriculum offer this year, despite the Global Health pandemic and local / national restrictions which may get in the way! To this end, we have devised a clear programme of student for all students. 

Firstly families and students should familiarise themselves with our curriculum maps for the year ahead in each subject. We have them matched our units of learning to a variety of easy to use online platforms such as My Maths, Dynamic Learning, Rising Stars and Oak National Academy. 

We will clearly link all activities and lesson materials through our google classroom pages. 


How much should my child do at home? 

We suggest the student follows their school timetable for that day. This can be viewed on the SIMS Parent and SIMS Student app. If you have not registered for the APP, please email us on this address: 

Our Curriculum Pages define our model. So, for longer periods of absence, you should follow the guidelines set out on our curriculum pages. 


How will my child receive feedback ?

As you will appreciate, with all staff in school teaching all day, there will not be the same opportunities for instance feedback toi students at home. Naturally, should we move to a larger shut down, this will be possible as staff will rotate in and out on alternating weeks.

Unlike the summer months, were there was no end in sight for students returning, we know that the maximum period of absence is likely tyo be 10-14 days.  In that time, lesson resources taught in school will be shared on student google classroom pages, with additional links to supportive sites such as Oak National for extra teaching input and demonstrations or further explanations.

End of unit assessment and retention capture quizzes will be set form Oak National and from Google Classroom. and student will submit their scores to their class teachers through google classroom pages.  Staff will of course be able to respond to questions on the class streams, but this will not be instant of course. 

On return to school, every child will have a "Return to Lesson" conversation with their class teachers to established the quantity and quality of work completed at home, evaluate what has been learnt and look for any further areas of support needed. Normal feedback procedures will apply to home learning as they do in the physical classroom, in that a variety of Assessment for Learning tactics will be used to ascertain progress is being made.